Theatergroep Light and Shadow

Theatre group Light & Shadow is an initiative from Erik Veltenaar born in the Netherlands. The group consists of actors, singers and music makers from Syria and the Netherlands with passion for theatre.

Every week the group rehearses in preparation to a great performance with help and coaching from Bijlmer Parktheatre in Amsterdam and help from Wij doen Currently they work at their first performance: Home..?, about escaping from war and fighting for freedom and a new life.


Home.. thats we’re you heart is ..

The story takes us to a place where you want to be, which feels like home. But what if your home can’t be a home anymore? What if it is not safe anymore and you have to flee for violance and war and leave everything behind? What is it like to find a new home in a complete different world, where people speak a different language and have a different culture?

Real life stories with a past and a the present. Starting all over can sometimes be hard but it also offers chances and opportunities. A story with a tear and a laugher.. from farewell’s to integration.

An impressive play which you won’t easily forget.

Follow our agenda and secure yourself from a seat.

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